MATM’s Guests: The Year of Science by Eman Magdi




From text books straight to the silver screen. Witty, fun and concise, it’s how 2014 shaped the Sci-Fi future of motion picture.

You’d think we left all of that at school, but NO! You go for a fantasy movie or two and you end up with a hand-behind-head posture and an itchy left brain.

We have our own variety of auteurist and nicely tailored movies, put down in a chronological order.


1- I, Frankenstein: Your favorite (Sort of) dead guy:


Mary Shelley’s spooky gem came to life with the help of some supernatural powers. Unlike the traditional story, Victor Frankenstein is out on the hunt for new ways to instill life in the pretty much dead body parts.

The movie created by the Visionaries Stuart Beattie (Screen Writer of Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl) and Kevin Grevioux (the comic book writer and one of the creative team at Marvel Comics) and with the help of Aaron Eckhart, the protagonist came to life, premiered in January, 2014.


I Frankenstein Still



2- Robocop: As mechanical as it gets:


In the age of drones, Artificial Intelligence, smart robotics technological leaps aren’t that uncommon. In fact recently NASA has had missions where they sent out humanoid probes and we all witnessed the aerial drone sent by the Israeli Army to dismantle the Syrian Air Force.

The franchise was a timely reboot of the initial version by Paul Verhoeven. The movie directed by Jose Padilha, was a collaboration that starred Joel Kinnaman as Alex Murphy (Robocop), Garry Oldman along with Michael Keaton. Quite an ensemble, I’d say.


Robocop Still


3- Divergent: The Hunger Games’ Capitol meets Hogwarts:


You’re probably thinking, “Where’s the science in that”

The young-adult, highschool-ish movie made it clear that your “virtue” and how you employ your thinking style will qualify you to be “The Man/Woman on a Mission”. which is not at all different from some schools using the Myers-Briggs personality inventory to help predict the test taker’s career path. Based on a theory by Carl Jung. Starring the ever-so-stunning Shailene Woodley, with the mighty Kate Winslet and directed by Neil Burger the director of two of my favorite pieces of art Limitless and The Illusionist, the movie was a hit and continues to be a nice portal for Shailene.


Divergent Still



4- Transformers: Age of Extinction: Too smart to be a human:


A few people can go to Michael Bay’s movies for the science, but when it comes to intelligent machines you can find heaps going for the “Cool factor”and Optimus Prime. It’s not gonna be so long before we see actual machines operating on their own with an IQ that’s not less than 154.

In June, a computer chat program named Eugene Goostman passed the Turing test, convincing questioners it was a human.

Between the breath-taking graphics and the story line, Mark Wahlberg was witty enough to enchant you by the performance we witnessed.



Transformers Age of Extinction Still


5- Dawn of The Planet of The Apes: Never a dull moment with the talking apes:


Sequels and reboots can be fun or cold. That one was NOT. In fact the sentiment was so strong it takes you back to the previous and timeless franchise. Andy Serkis as Caesar certainly added a substantial value to the highly acclaimed cast from Gary Oldman as Dreyfous to Keri Russell and Jason Clarke as Malcolm.

Matt Reeves played a massive role turning this one into a hit, regardless of the pre-conceived notion about it being a consumed idea.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Still



6- Interstellar: The five-dimensional work of art:


Who would have thought black holes would be trendy and cool. Nolan is at it again and is undeniably the master of Sci-Fi. Not only did he break the no-complication-when-it-comes-to-motion-picture rule, he created a brand new Zeitgeist to look up to.

Whether you’re a Quantum Physics stickler, a Newton-esque prodigy or none of those. You’re bound to enjoy its grandeur. The movie shows “Einstein’s Relativity of Time” and “Curvature of Space as no other feature film has shown before.

The outstanding performance by McConaughy, Hathaway and, Michael caine and Chastain all the way to the enchanting music of Hans Zimmer, the movie was impeccable. And, the fact it was written by the Nolans gave it a stupendous advantage.


Interstellar Still



7- Exodus: Gods and Kings: Epic much:


Though Egypt and Morocco have forbidden it for historical inaccuracy, it still comes on top of the best movies in 2014 and quite a Homeric ending if you ask me. Despite the fact that this one is more informative than scientific in its own attire, the movie compelled scientists to study the validity and potential explanations of the work’s supernatural elements. Ridley Scott coming up with this blockbuster coul be pretty controversial and astounding nonetheless. Especially when he brings to us the Chameleon, Christian Bale and Joel Edgerton to play the opponents to one another.


Exodus Gods and Kings Still

2014 was heavenly and glorious and I doubt 2015 will be any less of an adaptation to science, or miracles for that matter.



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