Logorama (2009): A Notable Short Film

Logorama Movie Poster Short Film


The Short Film:



Redeeming Qualities:


Most ingenious use of well-known brands ever. Intense action told in sixteen minutes. Creative uses of Ronald McDonald and the Pringles Man. Beautifully shot from start to finish. Keep the plot going without a hitch.




François Alaux, Hervé de Crécy, and Ludovic Houplain




  • Bob Stephenson (as the voices of Ronald / Bibendum Mike / Bibendum Sheriff)
  • Sherman Augustus (as the voices of Bibendum Mitch)
  • Aja Evans (as the voice of Esso Girl)
  • Joel Michaely (as the voices of Big Boy / Green Giant / Mr Clean)
  • Matt Winston (as the voice of Haribo)
  • Andrew Kevin Walker (as the voice of Pringles Hot & Spicy)
  • David Fincher (as the voice of Pringles Original)
  • Gregory J. Pruss (as the voices of Chopper Pilot / Pillsbury Doughboy)
  • Josh Eichenbaum (as the voices of M&Ms)




16 minutes




Animation / Action


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