Munich (2005): An Underrated Gem

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Steven Spielberg



Based on the true story of the Black September aftermath, about the five men chosen to eliminate the ones responsible for that fateful day.

My review:

It is quite rare to find a film as intelligent, absorbing, and intellectually-stimulating as Steven Spielberg’s political thriller Munich. Indeed, the way this legendary director has been able to craft this superbly-paced motion picture is a resounding achievement that makes it one of his many masterpieces. Dealing with a fragile and controversial matter such as the decades-old Palestinian-Israeli conflict is never easy. But, the way Spielberg has been able to remain neutral in his narrative throughout Munich is really admirable. I do not know how he is able to pull it off but I am sure that people from both sides of this issue will greatly enjoy it. The main character in the movie is Avner who is masterfully played by Eric Bana in what is the best performance of his career to date. Avner is instructed by the Israeli government to undertake the mission of assassinating all of those responsible for the killing of the Israeli athletes in the 1972 Olympics. However, the mission takes a toll on him mentally and physically, an issue he does not see coming. The way Bana portrays his character helps make Munich the great film it is as he is quite natural and deeply invested in Avner that we, as viewers, do not doubt his actions, no matter how violent or ambiguous they might seem. I remain to be baffled by how a film as excellent as this is not given the necessary recognition and admiration it so richly deserves. Suffice to say, Spielberg’s Munich is a motion picture that everyone should watch and recommend to fellow movie-lovers.

Outstanding performances:

  • Eric Bana (as Avner)


2 hours and 44 minutes




Drama / Thriller

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  1. Although I’m a huge fan of Spielberg, I’ve never seen this movie. Reading this review makes me want to change that.

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