Armageddon (1998): A Guilty Pleasure

Armageddon Movie Poster



After discovering that an asteroid the size of Texas is going to impact Earth in less than a month, NASA recruits a misfit team of deep core drillers to save humanity.

Guilty Pleasure Qualities:

Liv Tyler. Bruce Willis. Ben Affleck. Outstanding special effects. Devastating disaster sequences. Cheesy Dialogue.

Guilty Pleasure Level:

Slightly Moderate (Revisited once every two years)


Michael Bay


  • Bruce Willis (as Harry Stamper)
  • Billy Bob Thornton (as Dan Truman)
  • Ben Affleck (as A.J. Frost)
  • Liv Tyler (as Grace Stamper)
  • Will Patton (as Chick)
  • Steve Buscemi (as Rockhound)
  • William Fichtner (as Colonel Willie Sharp)
  • Owen Wilson (as Oscar Choi)
  • Michael Clarke Duncan (as Bear)


2 hours and 31 minutes


Action / Adventure / Sci-Fi

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