Revenge (2011-Present): A Moe’s TV Guide Future Classic review

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Revenge is one of the biggest surprises to come out of the 2011-2012 TV season, especially from the American channel ABC. It is very well done and has become one of the strongest first seasons I have ever seen.

The show follows a young woman who returns to her home town.However, all is not what it seems. She is there to exact revenge on the people who have wronged her and her family. It is a drama that delivers a gripping mystery that remains intriguing and absorbing throughout the twenty-two episodes. A feat not many shows have been able to do, thanks mainly to the outstanding writing and acting.


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As with all great mystery series, the writing in this first season is exceptional and starts unravelling the plot slowly while providing some answers along the way. Lead by creator Mike Kelley, the show managed to successfully make each episode absorbing, gripping and nail-biting.

The characters are all given unique personalities with at least one likable element. They develop throughout this season very well. The events the writers have devised all succeed in moving the plot forward until it reaches the astounding season finale.


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Revenge's lead character, Emily Thorne, is played by Emily VanCamp, who fits the role perfectly. Emily is a wounded soul who returns to the town that did her and her family wrong. She is mysterious and secretive. Emily emits all of this with such ease that she makes the show very enjoyable. She could become one of my all-time favorite characters if she continues like this in the remaining seasons of Revenge.

Another excellent performance in the show is that by Madeleine Stowe who plays the villain in the show, Victoria Grayson. Victoria is the matriarch of her family and is a calculating and merciless individual. This is the first I have seen Stowe act and she has done a fantastic job this season. She plays the role perfectly and does what all great villains do, create a mess but remain likable to the viewer. I cannot wait to see how things progress with her next season.

The remaining cast enhances the show's first season further with each playing a part in the overall mystery and its unravelling. It is a very strong ensemble cast.


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By the end of the first season, Revenge manages to deliver one of TV's best debut seasons in recent history. The events are surprising, the acting is superb, the writing is sharp, and the entire look of the show is something that is very attractive to any lover of quality television shows. It goes without saying that I highly recommend those who have not yet seen Revenge to do so immediately. It is on the right path of being a great show.


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  • Emily VanCamp (as Emily Thorne)
  • Madeleine Stowe (as Victoria Grayson)
  • Gabriel Mann (as Nolan Ross)
  • Henry Czerny (as Conrad Grayson)
  • Ashley Madekwe (as Ashley Davenport)
  • Nick Wechsler (as Jack Porter)
  • Joshua Bowman (as Daniel Grayson)
  • Connor Paolo (as Declan Porter)
  • Christa B. Allen (as Charlotte Grayson)
  • James Tupper (as David Clarke)
  • Ashton Holmes (as Tyler Barrol)


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  1. Very nice presentation for “Revenge”, the first season is superb, I still can’t watch the second season but waiting to be able to do it soon!. “Revenge” owns amazing ingredients that catch my attention and makes me always recommend to my friends to watch it! (btw, was not able to check the web site since september 24, today november 24, 2 months later, was the day that I could check it out again, and now I can continue checking it out! so I hope to receive updates as I had to leave twitter for a while :(..) best regards, Jihan (Colombia).

    1. Jihan! Welcome back! You were missed! Glad you like the article. Looking forward to your continuous feedback! Take care. 😀

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