The Dark Knight Rises (2012): A review

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So, here it is. After eight years that included two of the greatest films to ever depict the Caped Crusader, Christopher Nolan returns one final time to end his trilogy. A trilogy that has made the impossible seem possible for this avid Batman fan. He ends his trilogy in the best way possible, providing us with the grandest and most realistic adaptation of a comic book character in cinema history.

First off, I will not be divulging anything about the plot. I want you to enjoy this film like I did, spoiler free. It deserves that. However, I would like to talk about the other aspects of the film, mainly the acting, music, and how it wraps up the entire trilogy.

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Starting with the acting, Christian Bale seems to have picked up where he left off. He is excellent once again as Batman. He further solidifies his place as the best actor to have taken on this sensitive role. The supporting cast is no less impressive. His two 'father' figures, Alfred (Michael Caine) and Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman), prove to be the best kind of support Bruce Wayne needs at this important time in Gotham City's history.

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Tom Hardy, as the maniacal Bane, does a superb job of being a relentless and unforgiving villain. A villain with a true thirst for anarchy. Perhaps the most surprising delight in the acting is Anne Hathaway's take on Selina Kyle, Catwoman's alter ego. She does such a good job that she removed every worry I had of the character being cartoonish and not to be taken seriously.

The music here is once again pulsating and well done. Hans Zimmer has now created music for all three of Nolan's Batman films that I will continue to enjoy for many years. It is atmospheric and goose-bump-inducing.

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There were many worries I had before going into this film. Will Nolan really be able to end his trilogy properly? Will Bale and the rest of the cast do justice to this beloved comic book character's mythology? Will it be remembered as another excellent chapter of Nolan's vision of the Caped Crusader? The answers are yes, yes and yes! Nolan has done it! He has created the Batman of my dreams! The Batman I only thought possible in my imagination since I was a young boy! It might not have reached the soaring heights of its predecessor, The Dark Knight, but The Dark Knight Rises succeeds in being an unforgettable final chapter of the nearly eight years it took Nolan to craft this majestic trilogy. Bravo!

MATM Rating: **** out of ****

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Christopher Nolan

Outstanding Performances:

  • Christian Bale (as Batman/Bruce Wayne)
  • Tom Hardy (as Bane)
  • Anne Hathaway (as Selina Kyle)
  • Michael Caine (as Alfred)
  • Morgan Freeman (as Lucius Fox)
  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt (as Blake)


2 hours and 45 minutes




Action / Crime / Drama / Superhero


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