The Amazing Spider-man (2012): A review

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The Amazing Spider-man is an excellent film. Even though its release comes only five years since the last Spider-man film from Sam Raimi, Marc Webb has managed to deliver a very entertaining film on his first outing.

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This film already surpasses Spider-man 1 on multiple levels. The origin story is much more fleshed out and makes more sense as to why and how Peter Parker becomes Spider-man. Andrew Garfield is quite likeable in this picture and possesses the same charm and charisma that Tobey Maguire did, if not more. Emma Stone, already one of my favorite new actresses after her revolutionary performance in The Help, plays Gwen Stacy in a more believable and plausible way than Kirsten Dunst did as Mary Jane in the earlier trilogy. In addition, the Lizard, to me, is an excellent adversary to Spider-man in a way that the Green Goblin could only have wished have been.

The special effects in the film are simply awesome! The fight sequences between Spider-man and the Lizard rivals all of those in the previous Spidey films. However, they do not better those that involved Doc Ock, played by the amazing Alfred Molina. Indeed, it will take a lot for any future Spider-man film to deliver a more awe-inspiring villain and performance. Molina’s Doc Ock is still the greatest Spider-man villain.

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With only one film under his belt, Marc Webb has already done a better job than Raimi in the all-important first film. It is now only second to Spider-man 2, which I still consider the best depiction of Spider-man on film to this date.

MATM Rating: ***1/2 out of ****

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Marc Webb

Outstanding performances:

  • Andrew Garfield (as Peter Parker / Spider-Man)
  • Emma Stone (as Gwen Stacy)
  • Rhys Ifans (as Dr. Curt Connors / The Lizard)


2 hours and 16 minutes




Action / Fantasy / Superhero / Thriller

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